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Comedysportz Auditions

General Auditions - August 19th & 20th

What is ComedySportz?

ComedySportz is shortform improvisational comedy played as a sport! Check out our What is ComedySportz? page to learn more about match length, styles, and a little bit of history or our Upcoming Events page to see a match for yourself. If you'd like some hands-on experience prior to auditions, consider registering for our Intro to ComedySportz workshop being held the Saturday before auditions (August 17th).

How Are Auditions Structured?

There are two (2) audition slots on both Monday, August 19th and Tuesday, August 20th, the first from 6:00-7:30 PM and the second from 8:00-9:30 PM. You will be interacting together as a group to run through check-ins, warm-ups, and several improv exercises with our Creative Director and other members of our staff. While the environment is casual and fun, we do expect all attendees to follow our Code of Conduct (linked on our registration page) to make sure we are fostering a comfortable and safe environment for all participants as well.

Are Auditions open to everyone?

Yes! Prior years we have held separate audition slots for BIPOC & LGBTQ+ communities, but decided to merge our audition sessions this year in order to help emulate the community we create on our Pro Roster. At least one (1) representative from our DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) committee will be present at each audition session to ensure the environment is supportive and inclusive throughout each slot.

Do I Need Experience to Audition?

No prior experience with improv is required in order to audition, but we do recommend attempting to familiarize yourself with some of the fundamentals prior to your session. We will review basic concepts at a high level at the start of the audition slot, but the majority of the session will be focused on performing. 

I'm Not Sure ComedySportz Is For me,
Should I Still Audition?

Yes! You may find that during the audition slot, it is different than you are expecting it to be. If you still feel like sticking to clean, all-ages humor is not your thing, you may consider auditioning for our BCC Shorties program starting back up in the Fall.

I'm Ready To Audition!

Great! Fill out the form on our CSz Auditions Registration page in order to secure your spot today! Audition timeslots will be closed when full, so make sure to sign-up to reserve your space.

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