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Group of individuals have their hands together in center after a team building exercise

applied improv
corporate training

No one is expected to be funny,

but everyone will laugh AND learn!

Applied Improv skills are suitable for all departments, teams, industries, and businesses.  We've done training for teams in corporate strategy, B2B & B2C sales, cross functional teams, tech, and manufacturing. Our Not Another Slide Deck program has even been used to train members in a Fortune 100 company. We can't wait to add you to the list!

Not Another Slide Deck!

Our Not Another Slide Deck workshop is a great, fun, and educational way to liven up your next training, corporate retreat, team meeting, etc. by getting your team up and moving, talking, and laughing with applied improv! Our program is fully customizable to your goals, number of employees, and time requirements. We create an agenda that focuses on a variety of skills required for the workplace and working within a team.


Through interactive exercises and guided discussion your team will explore the following topics:

active listening

Practice listening skills to facilitate meaningful exchange of ideas

decision making

Avoid analysis paralysis & make a choice, even if it is the wrong one


How to agree on what is important & how to get there

communication & public speaking

How to communicate effectively peer to peer & peer to group

moving past failure

Rethinking failure as an opportunity to learn & share in a positive manner

change management

Responding to change, reacting to rapid change, & helping ourselves & others

Don't see a topic listed you're looking for? Chances are we cover it! During our initial contact, we will review your high priority items and create an individualized agenda based on your needs.


what can i expect during an applied improv training?

Your team will be led through a series of exercises, progressing in difficulty and each posing a new challenge and learning outcome. Each activity ends with facilitated discussion, led by our staff. We foster a positive learning environment by asking open-ended questions to spark conversation and encourage folks to share their thoughts and experiences during the exercises.

What is the minimum/maximum number of participants?

All activities easily scale based on how many folks are playing. The smallest group size is four (4), but there isn't an upper cap. The only issue we have with larger groups is space. If you provide a large enough room for all participants to comfortably move around, we can make it work. We provide additional instructors to match the size of the group to provide the best experience.

what is the recommended workshop length?

Our workshops are flexible in terms of duration, but recommend a minimum of forty-five (45) minutes to gain workshop benefits. Ideal workshop length would be two (2) hours (including a break) to allow for individuals to get comfortable, open up, and fully participate. 

How physical are the activities? Are they inclusive?

Our workshops are designed for folks of all abilities to participate. Walking, clapping, stomping, and dancing are incorporated throughout the workshop. No one is required to do anything they cannot do safely, and modifications can easily be made to fit your team's needs. All activities can be done in business casual attire.

My team is too timid and reserved for an interactive workshop. They won't participate in discussions in meetings, how do you motivate and encourage folks during the training?

We do not expect anyone to be a professional comedian or public speaker. Our workshops are designed to meet folks where they are and challenge their comfort zone in a safe and respectful environment. All exercises are accompanied by facilitated discussion to guide conversation on how people felt, what worked, and what didn't.

I'm concerned comedy in the workplace will lead to offensive jokes.  How does your program set expectations for participants on what is acceptable?

We understand, comedy in the workplace is risky, and that's why we aren't teaching how to be funny. Our workshops utilize principles of improv comedy to uncover better ways to communicate, work as a team, and move past failure (hence the term "Applied Improv"). At the beginning of the workshop we define what is expected of participants, including acceptable behavior and language. Our training is designed to work alongside your company's Code of Conduct and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies.

I've been looking to show off my standup or comedy routine. Can I do it during this training?

That's great you have a passion for comedy, so do we! However, Not Another Slide Deck is not the place to test out your five minute set on current events. In fact, we discourage rehearsed or forced jokes because it defeats the purpose of building our improv skills. If you are looking to show your comedy skills, we recommend you enroll in one of our improv classes or find a local open mic downtown.

Do you offer a virtual training option?

Yes, we've adapted our Not Another Slide Deck training for online participation (Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc). The learning outcomes are the same so long as everyone stays on camera and follows instructions.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us!

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