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Monthly Workshops

adult (18+) workshop

Find the funny faster

Exploring the game of the scene

Learn to recognize offers, build beyond “yes, and”, and play in new situations, relationships, and worlds you and your scene partners create!  By looking for and focusing on the game unfolding in our scene, we find the funny faster, unlock unique ideas, and draw a roadmap to encourage risk taking. The concept may sound abstract but the application is crucial in any improv scene, short form or long form. This workshop is designed for improvisers with at least two classes (12 weeks or more) of instruction, including one scene work class.  Experienced improvisers seeking to brush up their skills, meet new improv folks, and play along also welcome and encouraged to enroll.

Saturday, march 16th

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Harlem Road Community Center


About The inStructor

Scott is co-owner of Buffalo Comedy Collective and acts as the Creative Director of ComedySportz Buffalo, lead Applied Improv instructor, and Level 201 - Improv Scenework instructor. With 12 years of improv experience, Scott is thrilled to see improv thriving in WNY again and is excited to help teach exercises that make finding the Game of the Scene easier. Scott has performed with ComedySportz in the World Championships, multiple festivals, and with longform improv groups Dream Cheese, Last Resort, and Various Factors.  Off stage Scott enjoys biking, playing with his dog, board games, and gardening. 

Headshot - Scott Wojtanik

scott wojtanik

kids & teen workshop

This workshop is specifically for high school students to come learn & practice their improvisational comedy skills. Likeminded individuals will come together to learn, play, and have fun in a supportive environment! During the workshop, we will review improv basics, which have real-world applications as well as performance based. No comedy or theater experience is required. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and footwear that permits movement.

saturday, march 16th

12:00 - 3:00 PM

Harlem Road Community Center


High School Improv Workshop with Cindy Bednasz
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