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Comedysportz Buffalo

Proudly Serving Local Improv Since 1993

What is ComedySportz?

ComedySportz is improvisational comedy played as a sport. Our high energy short-form improv show has two teams of professional comedians improvising games, songs, jokes, and scenes while a referee calls fouls and fields suggestions from you, our loyal fans. Loyal fans will vote for which team they like best and Mx Voice will declare an ultimate winner for the evening! Best of all, this show uses humor that is appropriate for people of any age. We're clean enough for your kids to enjoy and funny enough to have adults laughing out loud.

What can i expect?

ComedySportz shows run from ninety minutes to two hours. Our players draw from a collection of hundreds of games so every show is different. Everything we do is improvised, meaning we don't have scripts nor pre-planned scenes. We will ask for audience volunteers on occasion but always in a fun and respectful way - you will never be forced to participate if you don't want to nor put into a position that makes you feel obligated/uncomfortable. ComedySportz Buffalo is steadfastly committed to presenting humor in a positive and inclusive way, which includes player performance, staff interactions, and audience suggestions. That's right - you could get called for an "Out of Bounds" foul if your suggestions aren't clean enough to say in front of grandma!

When & Where Can i see a match?

We host ComedySportz Buffalo matches every first, third, and fifth Friday at the Harlem Road Community Center Theater in Amherst. Be sure to visit our Upcoming Events page for tickets and to see our upcoming schedule. We do host special events at other locations on occasion, so follow our social media or check the schedule for the most up to date list of our shows.

is comedysportz in other cities?

Glad you asked! ComedySportz is an international brand, performing in over 25 cities across the United States and overseas. Check out the CSz Worldwide website for the list of all current cities.

I'm funny, are you auditioning?

Yes! We hold auditions annually in August, with our next round being Monday, August 19th & Tuesday, August 20th. Check out our FAQ Page for more information about the auditions process or jump right to registration!

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