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Summer improv pass


We're Buffalo born & raised so we know how it goes - the minute the weather is nice (and second winter is over), you want to be outside. It can be hard to commit to indoor activities in advance not knowing if you'll be missing out on a sunny day. That's why we're introducing our Summer Improv Pass to add some flexibility into your life without sacrificing the sun or your love of improv!

What is it?

Our Summer Improv Pass is designed for those who want flexibility to attend shows and/or drop-in classes over the summer. This is perfect for students in our program looking to practice and keep sharp without the commitment of a seven week class during a busy time of the year. Not a student? No worries! Pass redemptions can be used for events, too.

How does it work?

You can purchase the pass from our Square site for a flat rate of $125.00 to be used across 10 improv events. After purchase, you can pick-up your real, live punch card whenever you redeem your first punch. Then it's yours to hang on to & use at to any of our summer activities (June through August). Our House Manager will punch your card & you're all set for some improv fun!

Who is it for?

Anyone & everyone! Once you purchase your pass you are free to allocate your punches however you'd like. If you're a student looking to bring a friend to a drop-in, use two punches! Not interested in the classes, but would like to secure discounted tickets to CSz? Use your punches for tickets for yourself, family, & friends! Want to hoard them to yourself & redeem one at time? Totally fine! The only limitation to using the punches is that the purchaser must be present on redemption - who you want to share them with is up to you!

What's Included?

BCC Ticketed Events

Any event in June through August where you purchase a ticket from BCC either through our Square platform or in person counts towards the pass. This includes ComedySportz Buffalo matches (both evening & matinee), Script Tease improvised movies at The Lounge at Revolution Gallery, Comedy After Dark at Compass Performing Arts Center, and any special events being ticketed through BCC.

Weekly improv drop-in classes

Beginning July 8th, we are hosting weekly drop-in classes on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Harlem Road Community Center. These drop-in classes will involve warm-ups, a short period of general instruction, and then the rest of the time is reserved for playing in scenes and running sets. This is a great opportunity to meet others to form troupes to work together or to just keep up on your practice!

Ready to buy?

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